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Is The Combination Re-settable?  

Yes, you can easily reset your combination with an allan key (hex key), you can find full instructions on our How to Install page in the links at the top of the page. 

Will it fit my handlebars?

Most likely yes, the BarlockR fits about 75% of all handlebars, however there are some it will not fit.  Your bars must be 60cm in length or longer, they must not have welds within the bars, and not have hard 90 degree angles.  You can look on the packaging on the order page for full explanation before ordering, and of course if they don't fit, we have a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. 

Is it difficult to Install?  

No, it is very easy.  You only need to move your grips in slightly or cut them with a scissors the width of the bar end.  Then simply tighten the oppressor screw on the matching bar end using an allen key making it permanently attached to one end of your handlebars, then you simply slide the lock into the other open end and our spring-tension bracket engages with the inside of your handlebars to create a nice grip.  Your lock stays firmly inside the bars, but is readily available anytime, anywhere. Check out the How to Install video on the page linked above or click here How to Install.

Will it Daisy-Chain with more than one BarlockR Lock?

YES!!!  That is the beauty of this lock, you can buy 2 if your handlebars are long enough, and double the length, or just have 2 for you and a friend.  You simply lock them all together in a chain. 

Will it protect my bike?

Yes and No!  This is an 8mm cable lock, intended for use when riding, not intended for overnight storing in public.  It is ideal for riding and stopping for Lunch, a quick pit stop, a drink, while playing on the beach and other normal riding activities.  It is not built to stop determined thieves, like no lock is.  We cannot guarantee a professional thief cannot steal your bike, but like any 8mm cable lock, it affords the same protection and will stop most opportunistic thieves.

More to come as new questions arise.  If you have a question we can add here, please submit to 

[email protected]